teen wolf + major arcana - part 1.


"I need to access a Kaiju brain." - "Every Kaiju comes with a price!"

Pacific Rim!AUBelle French, scientist of the K-Science Lab & Mr. Gold, organ dealer and head of "Kaiju Remedies". 

You’re the guy with the lion tattoo and that means we are drift compatible.

Pacific Rim!AURegina Mills & Robin Hood (stage name), co-pilots of the Mark-4 Jaeger Queen of Sherwood.

I will always find you in the drift.

Pacific Rim!AUMary Margaret Blanchet & David Nolan, co-pilots of the Mark-5 Jaeger Snow Falls.

I don’t mean to upset you Emma, but I think we make quite the team. We’re drift compatible.

Pacific Rim!AUEmma Swan & Killian Jones, co-pilots of the Mark-3 Jaeger Jolly Roger

In The Flesh meme + [1/4] relationships.
↳ Walker family.
In The Flesh meme + [3/3] OTP.
↳ Rick/Kieren ; in my head I kept us alive.
Doctor Who meme + [1/3] colours.
↳ Red.
Doctor Who meme + [2/2] quotes.
↳ I only take the best. I've got Rose (Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory, River and Clara).